London Tech Week Ambassadors and Advocates on the Power of Tech
London Tech Week - June 2019

Behind the Scenes: Designing Better Medicines with Big Data & AI
SXSW - Apr. 2019

AI: The Next Revolution in Medicine?
DLD - Jan. 2019

The Space Between Us
Interfaith Summit for Child Dignity in the Digital World - Nov. 2018

First Move Looks at the Rise of AI
CNN - Oct. 2018

Why We Need to Use AI for Life, Not Just Lifestyle
Times Tech Summit - Sept. 2018

Why AI Matters to Us All
CognitionX- June 2018

Pope Francis on Child Dignity in the Digital World
Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress - Oct. 2017

The Importance of Child Dignity in the Digital World
Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress - Oct. 2017

Countering Online Radicalisation and Extremism
George Washington University International Symposium - Apr. 2017

Interpol 34th Meeting of Specialists Group
Interpol HQ - Nov. 2016

A Global Response To Online Child Sexual Exploitation
Interpol HQ, Lyon - Nov. 2016

What Are The Realities of Lives Lived Behind Screens?
Penn State, Pennsylvania - Oct. 2016

When Our Time Is Up, Will We Have Done Enough?
WePROTECT Fund - Aug. 2016

Safety & Security In A Connected World - Highlights
Google Zeitgeist Conference, London - May 2016

Safety & Security In A Connected World - Full
Google Zeitgeist Conference, London - May 2016

The Responsibility Of Global Players
DLD16, Munich - Jan. 2016

Preventing Child Abuse and Exploitation
WePROTECT Summit, Abu Dhabi - Nov. 2015

Interview For The #WePROTECT Summit
SkyNews, London - Mar. 2015

UK continues courtship of tech sector
Financial Times - Feb. 2015

UK Creates Mandatory Coding Classes, Free Online University to Lead Digital Economy
The Street - Feb. 2015

Prince's Trust Speech
Prince's Trust Dinner, London  - Jan. 2015

Pitch 10 Interview
Pitch 10, London - Aug. 2014

New Media And Liberty
Margaret Thatcher Conference, London - Jun. 2014

Welcome To Europe's Largest Tech Cluster UK
Tech City UK, London - Mar. 2014

Tech City UK, London - Feb. 2014

IoD Annual Convention
IoD Convention, London - Sept. 2013

Funding Innovation Panel
Global Investment Conference, NYC - Sept. 2013

Joanna Shields, TCIO & Matt Cowan
LeWeb, London - Jun. 2013

Facebook's Shields Says Tech Industry More Open to Women
Bloomberg - Mar. 2012

Joanna Shields, VP & Managing Director EMEA
LeWeb, London - Dec. 2011

Reading The Signals
DLDwomen, Munich - Jul. 2011


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