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Thinking Deep on the Future of AI - CogX 2018 Keynote Address - June, 2018

Transatlantic, bi-partisan Commission launched to prevent election meddling - May, 2018

BenevolentAI appoints Joanna Shields as group CEO - May, 2018

Online Child Sex-Abuse Linked to Falling Phone Prices - February, 2018

More children becoming victims of 'brutal' online sex abuse - February, 2018

Address of the Holy Father Francesco to the Participants in the Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress - October, 2017

The Reality of Young Life Lived Behind Screens — Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress 2017         - October, 2017

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Power of Women Awards 2017 - February, 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017: ‘Be the change: unite for a better Internet’ - February, 2017

Baroness Shields closing speech at the Global Counter Terrorism Forum - January, 2017

Baroness Shields opening speech at the Global Counter Terrorism Forum - January, 2017

Debrett's 500 Digital & Social - Baroness Shields - January, 2017

AACSB International Influential Leaders Award - January, 2017

Baroness Shields appointed as the PM's Special Representative on Internet Crime and Harms and becomes solely a Home Office minister - December, 2016

Challenging evil while fighting for freedom - December, 2016

As Technology Shifts The Human Condition, What Are The Realities Of Lives Lived Behind Screens? - December, 2016

Tech sector urged to focus on health - November, 2016

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An Internet for Children and Young People - November, 2016

As technology shifts the human condition, what are the realities of lives lived behind screens? - November, 2016

Prince William is expected to hold talks with Facebook and Apple about online trolling - October, 2016

Six alumni honored at 80th annual awards ceremony - October, 2016

Penn State alumna Baroness Joanna Shields shares story with students - October, 2016

The Greatest Tool we Have in the Fight Against Online Trafficking - October, 2016

20 Years Progress In Battle To Rid The Internet Of Indecent Images Of Children - October, 2016

Global Leaders and Youth Advocates Launch New Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children Everywhere - July, 2016

‘When My Time Is Up, Have I Done Enough?’ - Global Mission to Eradicate Child Sexual Exploitation - July, 2016

Baroness Shields speaks at United Nations launch of the End Violence Against Children Global Partnership & WePROTECT Initiative Fund - July, 2016

Joanna Shields on the Family Online Safety Institute - July, 2016

Global leaders and youth advocates launch new partnership and fund to end violence against children everywhere - July, 2016

How The Threat Of Violent Extremism Manifests Online - June, 2016

Joanna Shields receives honorary degree from George Washington University - May, 2016

'A crime scene of unspeakable horror': child sex abuse and the internet - May, 2016

Baroness Shields calls for united action in tackling online extremism - May, 2016

First ever Digital Safety Awards celebrates online pioneers - May 2016

Most Influential Women in UK IT 2016: Entrants to the Hall of Fame - May, 2016

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BBC and Google in online child safety initiative - April, 2016

10 of the most successful women in UK technology on influence, leadership, equality and being digital role models - April, 2016

The Home Secretary and Baroness Shields have hosted the first meeting of the WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Online Child Sexual Exploitation Advisory Board. - March, 2016

Baroness Shields opens the 2016 International Crime and Policing Conference
Gov.UK, March, 2016


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