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Thinking Deep on the Future of AI

Baroness Shields’ Opening Keynote Address to CognitionX

Thank you for the vibrant welcome. I think that we can safely conclude from the nearly 7000 people who have registered and will join us today and tomorrow that this one of the hottest tickets and one of the most important topics in the world right now.

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Baroness Shields' speech at the National Security Agency

Delivered to the fifth Annual Intelligence Community (IC) Women's Summit.

Thank you for the warm welcome. It’s an honour to be in the company of so many outstanding women.  

Growing up in unremarkable surroundings not far from here in Pennsylvania, I never imagined that I would be standing here today. But in many ways, I feel like we are fellow travellers. As leading women in intelligence and security, together we endeavour to combat crime and protect lives. I am sure that many of you too have defied the odds to be here today. And you have done it all whilst trying to be perfect mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses and friends.

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